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  • What is the view of chiropractors?
    Chiropractors are health professionals who consider the human being as a whole and who take into account their natural powers of recovery. They don't use drugs or surgery. As first contact health professionals and as Doctors of Chiropractic, they are authorized to make a diagnosis, to determine the indication and non-indication of chiropractic care, to establish a prognosis and to determine the nature and the frequency of examinations and necessary care.
  • How does chiropractic care work?
    By correcting vertebral subluxations. Chiropractic care works by restoring movement between two joint surfaces. They bring about a decrease in nervous interference at this joint level and, at the same time, lead to better communication between the brain and the whole body. The nervous system, by governing muscle control, the function of our organs and the work of our hormonal and immune systems, helps maintain a balance that supports optimal health.
  • What is a vertebral subluxation?
    Vertebral subluxation is a minor spinal displacement that interferes with the proper functioning of your nervous system. By creating an aberration in the communication that connects your brain to your entire body, vertebral subluxation leads to reduced health and a host of organic problems. Since the nervous system is directly linked to your immune system and the maintenance of hormonal balance, several pathologies can result from the presence of a vertebral subluxation. By avoiding these nervous interferences, you benefit from a better quality of life and an optimal state of health.
  • Does everyone have vertebral subluxations?
    Yes, the majority of people have vertebral subluxations, but just don't feel it. Only 10% of nerve fibers perceive pain. It is therefore often rare for a subluxation to cause pain. The absence of pain is therefore not a good indicator of health since subluxations can act sneakily for several years before creating a symptom that can be felt.
  • What causes vertebral subluxations?
    Vertebral subluxations are caused by physical trauma such as a car accident, sports injury, poor sleeping posture, or repetitive motion. Subluxations are also caused by poor nutrition, inadequate water consumption, the use of medication, coffee, tobacco, alcohol abuse, etc. Finally, the management of stress related to work, family, couple, studies, are all causes related to the development of vertebral subluxation complexes.
  • What is a chiropractic adjustment?
    The chiropractic adjustment is a maneuver performed by the chiropractor with the aim of restoring movement between two vertebrae or two articular surfaces. It requires a precise angle, adequate depth and high speed. Chiropractic adjustment can be done in various ways by using the hands, using a specialized instrument, a table with tilting parts or, in children, by the simple pressure of a finger. on an articular structure. Several techniques are taught to chiropractors who are the only university professionals trained to make an accurate diagnosis leading to adjustment.
  • What "creaks" during adjustment?
    The joints are bathed in a fluid called synovial fluid. Some adjustments produce sound when there is movement of gases and liquids inside the joint. This is comparable to the suction that escapes when opening a bottle of champagne. The sound may be intriguing, but there is no relationship between it and the quality or value of the chiropractic adjustment.
  • Is the crunch essential? a good chiropractic adjustment?
    No. Several chiropractic adjustments do not bring any gas outflow from the joint capsule. This does not change the quality of the fit or the resulting results.
  • Can chiropractic adjustments make my spine fragile?
    No. During the chiropractic examination with X-rays and computer-assisted neurological evaluations, our chiropractors ensure the benefits for you of the chiropractic adjustment. During this in-depth examination, several diagnostic tests are carried out and analyzed in order to remove any suspicion of contraindications to the chiropractic adjustment. Hence the importance of not making hasty adjustments during a first exploratory visit. It is for this reason that our professionals take the time to analyze your results carefully and wait until the second visit to give you your first chiropractic adjustment (if necessary). All this to allow you to reach your health goals more quickly and to promote the return or maintenance of your quality of life in complete safety!.
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